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Monday, May 30, 2011

Having all sorts of epiphanies

Something has come alive in me here that I think may have been either dead or sleeping for a long, long time. I have this fire that started in my belly (could it be the heat here in the far east?) that is growing stronger every day. Some connection happened after I recovered from my jet lag that was like a piece of a missing puzzle. I am home here. Not just here in Thailand, but home in myself. It is a feeling so large that I can't really keep it contained in my body. It is an amazing thing. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Chiang Mai is a wonderful place. It is a city that is full of people from everywhere. We have made friends with Yu Mi from Japan, Harvey from France, Nacho from Spain and Mieke from Germany. And it is only the beginning of the first week. They - like us - are here to study Thai Massage. It is a wonderful camaraderie that we are experiencing... travelers from afar brought together by a desire to learn about healing. I loved finding a vegetarian Thai restaurant today that (finally) presented me with the opportunity to eat something I could really enjoy. Harvey found it weeks ago, and as he walked me there, explained all about his experiences following his Amma around the world. He lives at an ashram in India - a life he has been living for two years now, after becoming disenchanted by life in Paris. I am jealous. :) I find myself wanting to follow him and his Amma and live a life in prayer and peaceful existence. Meditation and yoga and Thai massage. And travel. MMMMMM.....

Learning Thai massage here in Thailand has so much more depth than I could have possibly imagined. It is everything I wanted and hoped for and much more. I smile at the smallest movements, I relish in the breath behind the work, I find passion for putting my hands on another person in the quest for healing that I sometimes lose in the daily grind. I was meant to be here. The work is both easier and harder than it was when I first learned it six years ago in Chicago. It is different, more meaningful and full of spirit. I love the pain that I am going through as I grow and stretch and become who I am supposed to be in this moment.

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