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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nutrition?? What nutrition...

Vacation is tough when it comes to nutrition.  This country makes it difficult to eat in a healthy way while traveling – with nonstop fast food and processed food in vending machines all over the place, finding a piece of fruit can sometimes prove too laborious.   Day 3 of the vacation and my stomach is unhappy.  I have relied too heavily on cheese and bread - cheese pizza, veggie pizza, mac and cheese at the world famous Beecher’s at Pike Market in downtown Seattle…(unbelievably delicious, but ugh).  My tummy aches just thinking about it. L  Thank goodness I had the foresight to pack some ginger to soothe what ails me.  Other than a salad add-on at the airport and a spinach salad with the veggie pizza, vegetables have not been my mainstay either.  I guess I thought that the uber-healthy Pacific Northwest would be just rife with fresh produce options.  Now don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of fresh produce stands at Pike Place Market – but how was I to know that that would be the ONLY place I could see fresh food for days.  The downtown Seattle area seems to cater to the typical American tourist – very pricey restaurants with fancy names and high sodium contents.  Oh my.  Not good for yours truly who doesn’t like meat, fish or the like.

So, I am hoping that the next leg of the trip to Portland will prove to be more nutritionally sound.   So much for vacation vegetarianism…

As I wait in King Street Station in Seattle to catch the train to Portland, I am dismayed to hear that all trains are cancelled.  We are going to have to take a bus to Portland.  Not the experience I was hoping for – the romance of riding on a train gently swaying to and fro down the tracks is a totally different picture than the crammed on a bus with stinky people vision that I am about to embrace.  My day isn’t going as well as the past couple of days.  Certainly no peals of laughter other than from H who can’t help but laugh at my sour puss face.  Maybe I need to spill some more water on her  :P

Why can’t there be fresh fruit and vegetable carts all over the place?  Why can’t King Street Station have a Jamba Juice or Starbuck’s (which there are some 84 of in downtown Seattle) like Union Station in Chicago?  (My all time favorite train station).  Obviously, by now you are making the correlation between my usually optimistic nature to my usually fiber filled day.  If you can’t poop, you can’t smile, in my book.  LOL.
Well, off to board the bus…  I will hopefully write more after a good healthy meal.

ADDENDUM:  After writing this in a very grumpy-mood-morning at the station, I have found several healthy meals - lot's of veggie and vegan friendly options, good micro-brews in Portland, excellent coffee and teas and plenty of oatmeal.  Had I known better, I would have made some better choices in Seattle and now know what to look for (Seattle, you still have my love).  My mood and digestion have greatly improved due to lots of walking, lots of good food and even one world famous Voodoo doughnut in Portland.  Now, it's on to Eugene...

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