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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back To the Blog - Vacation Edition

Hello All!

Nothing says living a healthy life like taking a well deserved break, right?  Well, I am on vacation right now, so this is the vacation edition of my blog.  Finally some time that is a break from school, work, work, house, dogs, family, etc.  Vacation always brings thoughts of relaxation, freedom and a lack of structure that is absolutely tantalizing.  There is just nothing better than sleeping in and not having to cook dinner. 
So the vacation starts out with H and me heading down to St. Louis (where we were flying out from).  We had an easy trip – found the downtown hotel with relative simplicity, no traffic or parking issues and a breeze checking in.  We even got a free bottle of wine while in the lobby of the hotel!  Yay us.  We were patting ourselves on our back due to the luck of the beginning of the trip.  We slept well in our luxury king bed (Hotwire Hilton - $67 a night) after a long drive and a hot bath.  Then we woke up to a glorious Missouri morning – the sun was shining on Busch Stadium and hundreds of runners in green preparing to embark on the St. Patrick’s Day run before the parade.  What a morning!  60ish degrees and a light breeze – I couldn’t ask for a better start to the vacation.
But apparently St. Patrick’s Day is kind of a big deal in St. Louis.  Runners aside, there were literally hundreds and hundreds of people out on the street decked out in their finest – green wigs, green tights, green t-shirts and socks.  It was as if all the leprechauns in Ireland exploded in downtown St. Louis.  J
I was enjoying the sunshine and typing away on some last minute homework when I heard the noise.  A loud, annoying, (think world cup horns, folks) horn blowing down the hall.  I had heard them on the street, so I knew they were being sold from a cart down below… but the hall of the Hilton? Really?  At 9:00 a.m.?  Ugh.  I flippantly mentioned to H that I was annoyed.  I think the exact words were, “well, that doesn’t suck or anything.”  Ha.  So, with a look of fierce determination, my bold spouse (who never really minces words because there is no need in her world to do that) stepped into the hallway and said, “That is NOT ok.  Knock it off” to the 11 year old boy trying to irritate his friend in the room across the hall.  She sounded like the nurse she is trying to become – bossy, firm and not to be messed with.  I could not stop laughing.  What a time!  I have been laughing about it all day long.  We even laughed about it as we were all over the Gateway Arch – acting the part of the American tourist.
Which brings me back to the break… oh, how I have missed laughter.  In the frenzy of this semester, it seems to have eluded us.  We stomp around the house in between where we need to get to next and gripe at each other.  We forget how important and necessary laughter and time off are in the grind to accomplish the next big thing.  One little incident with a naughty 11 year old boy has quickly reminded me that I have been taking life way to seriously lately.  And I plan on being less serious over the course of the next 8 days.  Hopefully it will stick and will continue into the next part of the grind.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

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