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Friday, January 14, 2011

Living and Learning

Well, I have been furiously studying and reading this week.  I am getting right into my nutrition class, and I can't help but think... what have I been eating?  Do I love fruits and vegetables - you bet?  Do I eat a lot of them?  Many days, I do.  But then there are the other days.  Sugar, dairy, white flour, canned vegetables and soups... even for a vegetarian these are not good things.  I have the meat thing down, no problem.  But the rest - especially the white sugar and flour - well, those are dangerous weapons in the war between health and disease.

BUT I'M A VEGETARIAN!!!  Right????

Apparently eating a cheese and veggie sandwich on wheat bread (not whole grain - there is a difference), with pretzels instead of chips (because that's healthier - or so I thought), and some fruit and a cookie for dessert just aren't cutting it.  Now, understand, this was the 2010 version of me; not the new and improved 2011, non-stop veggie and fruit - can't eat cheese anymore because of the pain - buying raw nuts and flax crackers - no eating grains unless they are whole - me.  :)  Now I know the following.

  • Pretzels are refined white flour, full of sodium (a.k.a. a high blood sugar and high blood pressure cocktail)
  • Cheese is not my friend anymore
  • Whole grains (and not too many of them) are the key
  • No cookie for dessert - stick with the fruit and save the cookie for a special occasion
  • Nutrition is interesting and sad all at the same time
  • Being a grown up and responsible for my own health is tough

My brain hurts.  All I can think is that I need to keep reading and getting it figured out.  The dangers of chemicals, pesticides, hormones and other toxins in our foods... makes me want to move to Montana and grow my own food!  And I have never even been to Montana :)

Here's a little something for those of you who absolutely insist on eating meat... "Study after study confirms one basic truth: the higher your intake of meat and other animal products, the higher your risk of heart disease and cancer, especially for the major cancers such as colon, breast, prostrate, and lung cancer." The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

Ahh well... one thing at a time.  And another weekend approaches, so in addition to studying, I can think about naps, baths, pedicures... and keep eating the good stuff, because any other way of doing it seems so much further away from who I strive to be.

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