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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feelin the burn - part II

Sometimes I seriously underestimate the amount of time I have available.  I have created this maddening existence for myself, working two jobs and staying busy most hours out of the day. Needless to say, exercise falls to the wayside during these times.

Monday started off well, because I didn't have to get up early to go to work.  I woke up late, got some exercise in at home (Walkin' Away The Pounds - don't laugh... it's not just for blue haired old ladies), took a bath, and got ready at my leisure.  Those are the days I like.  Yesterday was a different story...

After working a full day I had to dash to the grocery store so I could make a salad for dinner to share with a group of friends.  We were all bringing something, and salad was my task.  I had just enough time to make it and change clothes, and then head over to dinner.  It was a wonderful evening of conversation, good food, wine and spending time with dear friends.  By the time I made it home (after 9 p.m.), I just wanted to connect with my sweetie and go to bed.  No exercise for me :(

This morning, I was feelin' the burn in a different way.  Last nights meal didn't quite sit well with me... after (again) days with no dairy, having a wonderful cheese lasagna wasn't the best for my digestion.  And the desserts didn't help either... although they were so tasty!  So, this morning I started with my usual vinegar cleanse and it burned all the way down.  Breakfast was a spinach, blueberry, banana smoothie and is just sitting in my stomach.  Not enjoyable...

I am drinking lots of water and had a little peppermint water (eases digestion and soothes irritated stomach), and that seems to be helping.  I will continue to eat some plain veggies and fruit today and take it easy.  All of this is really making me think about going back to my vegan ways permanently.  Seriously, food is meant to nourish - not cause pain.  I recently read that 75% of the world's population is lactose intolerant.  Millions of people suffer from G.I. pain and symptoms related to lactose intolerance, yet most of those people persist.  Why?  Calcium is the main reason dairy products are marketed.  But, there are less irritating sources of calcium in the form of leafy greens.  Here is some info I found from

Here is some information from the American Heart Association about Vegetarian Diets:
Calcium: Studies have shown that vegetarians absorb and retain more calcium from foods than do nonvegetarians. Vegetable greens such as spinach, kale and broccoli, and some legumes and soybean products are good sources of calcium from plants.

Here is yet more information from the Vegetarian Pages:
Everything you ever wanted to know about calcium in 5 easy lessons
High protein diets appear to lead to increased calcium losses. Calcium requirements for those on lower protein, plant-based diets are believed to be below the usual recommendations. (previously at:
Most studies have shown that high doses of calcium do not slow bone loss. In fact, many populations with high intakes of calcium also have high rates of osteoporosis[5], probably because their high protein intake causes significant calcium loss...
The type of protein may also be important. At least one study shows that soy protein, even at high levels, does not increase calcium excretion the same way that protein from animal sources does

According to the article, The Great American Milk Myth, by Dr. Charles R. Attwood :
"Good bone density attained by the age of 18-25 usually lasts a lifetime for people who consume a balanced plant-based diet and remain physically active. The problem with milk and other dairy products is that they are not only rich in calcium but they are also high in protein, which has been shown to create calcium loss through the urinary tract."

 Good stuff, right?  Hopefully, by the end of the day, I will be feeling the burn the right way (good ol' exercise) after an evening trip to the gym.  And my digestion will be back on track...

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