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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walkin' Away the Pounds :)

What is it about sweating that just feels so good?  I love the feel of sweat dripping down my back from a good workout - it is cleansing.  I have a picture up by my desk that basically says something about sweating out all the negative junk in our life.  I like that - the world seems a little better after a good workout.

I love my Walk Away The Pounds - Walk Strong DVD.  It combines walking and resistance training, and makes me feel good.  Ol' Leslie... you just can't stop her positive energy from rolling right out of the TV and into the living room.  She always seems to make a point of throwing something about praising God or saying a "Hallelujah" while she is working out.  It makes me smile.  I think there is a close link between taking care of ourselves and our relationship to the divine.  Hindus know it (yoga-spirituality).  We can't ignore the powerful connections of mind-body-spirit.  I just think we get lost (at least I know I do) in the daily grind and stop listening.  One thing she says in this particular workout is that it feels SO good when you take care of yourself.  And she's right.  Taking care of this one body is the key because (I) am the one person that I will live with for my entire life from start to finish.

After getting my good sweat going and stretching it out (so important for muscles that are warm to stretch out, says the massage therapist ;)  )  I made a good sugar scrub and clay masked my face and chest.  I feel like I am warmed up, stretched out and squeaky clean.  Much better than freaking myself out reading about the horrors of the modern American diet ;)  Certainly more relaxing. 

Now that the workout is done for today, I can focus on eating some good vegetarian chili and salad and spend the rest of the day reading and just pampering myself - it just feels SO good.

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